21 Feb 2024
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I recently remembered that I have several pancakes’ recipes in my blog but I don’t have a recipe for classic French pancakes (French crepes). They are the pancakes we prepare most often at home (almost every weekend) because my child loves them. When I say “we” I mean that my husband prepares them 4 out of 5 times. He is a real pancakes master and he can even toss them in the air. I have a lot to learn about this technique so I use a spatula. No matter how you turn, toss or stir the pancakes the most important...
Gingerbread cake
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This gingerbread cake is the first cake with layers I have ever prepared. I don’t feel cakes simply as a dessert. It is something very special, very loved and festive. I didn’t have the courage to make a real cake maybe because I was afraid of failure in the baking of layers or in the preparation of the cream, or in the final look of the cake. However, I gained confidence in the kitchen lately and here’s the result. To be honest some things here didn’t happen as I wanted but this didn’t discourage me. For example I should have...
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The best time of the year has come again! The time when wherever you turn small lights are flashing. The time of red cheeks, cold noses, warm hats and the most aromatic gingerbread cookies. If you are looking for healthier and equally delicious recipe, you’ve come to the right place.  INGREDIENTS FOR CHRISTMAS GINGERBREAD COOKIES 300 g rye flour a pinch of salt 1 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp ginger powder 1/4 tsp clove powder 1 egg 100 g coconut butter 1 tsp vanilla extract 5 tbsp honey 1/2 tsp baking soda INSTRUCTIONS Heat up the honey. Add the baking soda...
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Linzer cookies are the best classic Christmas cookies you can prepare. They are so elegant, fine, beautiful and tasty that every minute in their preparation is worth it. You can use whatever pastry cutters you like. To keep the classic look you should use two pastry cutters, different in size – big and small. The small one is used to cut the form in the middle of the upper cookie. Another thing you could experiment with is the jam you use. Make the cookies with your favourite jam. Mine is definitely raspberry jam. What is more you could replace almonds...
Food Photography Myths
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Food photography is like every other photography.  To take a good photo you should follow some rules irrespective of whether you are making a portrait photo of a beautiful model or a photo of an impressive landscape. Similar to people some foods are photogenic, others have charisma and stand well before camera, and the photographers have to “take out” the best of the others. You may have decided to take pictures of food because you love to cook or because you have a culinary blog, or maybe because you are a photographer working on a project, whatever the reason is...
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Oh, yes! That’s all I can say about chocolate. And I say yes to one big, moist piece of this triple chocolate almond bundt cake. My blog fans (if there are any) know that I am crazy about chocolate and there’s nothing better than chocolate for me. Therefore when I say this cake is good it really is. Did I mention it is gluten-free? Yep, people with gluten intolerance or people avoiding white flour can enjoy this cake. Here white flout is replaced with almond flour and bio tapioca starch. Tapioca powder is a bio starch derived from the roots...
mushroom soup
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When mushrooms are in their season I can’t help cooking something with them. My favourite way of cooking and eating mushrooms is simply baked in the oven with butter and salt. The only different way I could prepare them is on a soup. I am not a fan of mushroom sauce. Maybe I have bad memories of new year’s dinners with it. I used two kinds of mushrooms for this soup but you could use one. I like it with toasts or with croutons which make it crunchy. A good idea is to add some cheese on serving for example...
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I know it is January and forest fruits are not in their season but I usually use frozen forest fruits for this tart. I just wanted to prepare something colorful and I said “yes” to this healthy forest fruits tart. The base is made of nuts. I used apricot kernels and walnuts but you may use other of your favourite nuts. In addition I used fine oat flakes, coconut chips and for consistency – coconut butter and honey. The dough became soft enough to work with, very delicious and with a coconut taste. You may try something different with the...
chocolate pumpkin bread
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One of my favourite autumn foods is pumpkin. Pumpkins always make the table cozier no matter whether you use it in salt recipes like pumpkin soup or in sweet recipes like this pumpkin bread with chocolate. I promise you that this will be the moistest and the most delicious pumpkin bread you’ve ever tasted. I can’t help myself when I see chocolate and that’s why my pumpkin bread got so chocolate-ish but you may keep the color more orange if you want.  Here’s the recipe: Chocolate pumpkin bread Dry ingredients 1 tea cup unrefined sugar ½ tea cup Demerara sugar...