29 May 2024
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Food photos with a phone

We live in a time when everybody’s almost constantly holding a phone. If they are not looking at photos they are probably taking one. I myself am taking photos with my phone all the time. I am photographing my child, my coffee, the autumn leaves, landscapes, kitten, pigeons, sunsets (rarely sunrises) and everything that catches my sight somehow. I am happy that I don’t have to carry a camera which weights kilogram and a half to capture wonderful moments. We can also make food photos with a phone of course. If you are fed up cooking delicious dishes which are...
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So fresh, so juicy and light this lemon poppy seeds cake with lemon icing will charm you! Poppy seeds give the cake a slight poppy taste and a different texture. The icing completes this perfection and with its pleasant sour taste prompts you to eat one more piece. I divided the mixture in two and I baked two small cakes in different cake tins in the name of photography. I wanted to have different forms for photographs and one of the cakes is with icing and the other one is not. Which one is your favourite? I would say that...
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Pie is a dish made of crispy and flavored dough and some juicy aromatic filling. There are different types of pies both sweet and salty. One of the most popular types is the apple pie. I decided to make a healthier variation of that pie and I didn’t use any refined sugar and white flour in this recipe. SPELT In this recipe I used whole-grain spelt flour. Spelt is a crop used since the ancient times. Later it is moved aside by wheat because it could not be artificially fertilized and this doesn’t allow high yields. The bran of the...
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I have to admit that my love for food photography made me cook more. I make mainly sweet things because I terribly love eating sweets and to me there’s nothing more delightful than a delicious chocolate cake, a cup of tea and a good book or a nice movie. I like experimenting in the kitchen. That’s why I made the blog. I am not from the people who have the “perfect recipe” and they use only it, and I rarely make something twice. I love trying new tastes, visiting unknown places and learning new things. I am not afraid of...
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I am absolutely adored by the taste of these pumpkin muffins. Their lightness is addictive. The taste of the pumpkin utterly matches the seasonings like cinnamon, ginger and cloves, and raisins complete this perfection. The frosting gives them more lightness and the caramelized walnuts are a bonus or as we say the cherry on top of the cake. These small cakes are one of my favourite to prepare. They are quick and easy to make and are always very delicious. You can find a recipe for flour-free chocolate muffins in the blog. Below you will see their picture. I improvised...