18 Apr 2024
Снимка на десерт ягоди и сметана с украса от лайм и рози
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Mascarpone Cream with Strawberries

This mascarpone cream with strawberries is so easy to prepare and so delicious that it is perfect for unexpected guests. I make it whenever I want something sweet but I don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I could even name this recipe cheesecake in a glass. Another Italian product I love is mascarpone cheese. It has high percentage of saturated fat and a very typical, divine (if you ask me) taste. Mascarpone’s creamy texture makes it suitable for both sweet and salty dishes. INGREDIENTS FOR MASCARPONE CREAM WITH STRAWBERRIES 250 g mascarpone 100 ml heavy...
A creamy pumpkin soup with a touch of ginger
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Cream pumpkin soup recipe

A creamy pumpkin soup with a touch of ginger Each season brings along its own unique atmosphere and mood.  Autumn, albeit colder than summer, still evokes a peculiar feeling of comfort with its numerous vivid colours. Few things can match what the sight of autumn rays of sunshine, caressing the yellow and orange October mantle, bring out in me. The gorgeous, bittersweet, nostalgia for summer days past, gives off a profound feeling of joy. This very image, maybe in combination with the small pumpkin, chanced upon in a friend’s garden, is what motivated me to prepare this tasty cream pumpkin...