18 Apr 2021
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Food photos with a phone

We live in a time when everybody’s almost constantly holding a phone. If they are not looking at photos they are probably taking one. I myself am taking photos with my phone all the time. I am photographing my child, my coffee, the autumn leaves, landscapes, kitten, pigeons, sunsets (rarely sunrises) and everything that catches my sight somehow. I am happy that I don’t have to carry a camera which weights kilogram and a half to capture wonderful moments. We can also make food photos with a phone of course. If you are fed up cooking delicious dishes which are…

Blog, Tips & Tricks


A good background is important almost as much as the good look of the food you are shooting. The background is the basis of the photo and you need to pay attention to it. What you see is a very easy and effective way of creating a background for your photos. In this post, we are going to talk about the shooting of the photos. No, I won’t give you the recipe for these delicious pancakes because I bought them ready, but I will tell you how I made them look that way, considering how cold and sad-looking they were…